Covet Fashion from Crowdstar is the game for lovers of style. With it you can dress with various accessories and clothes and virtually shop and buy all the major brands. If you’re the type who’s always wanted to dress and style up, this app would be the perfect way to express yourself.

Covet Fashion isn’t like your typical game as it’s all about building your own wardrobe, and you do this by virtually shopping for the hottest brands and accessories. You start by participating in fashion challenges where you can win virtual money to begin shopping. Once you have the money you can begin stocking up on your wardrobe. However, that’s not all, since there are links to the real items, so if you want to really buy them, you can do so.

This feature makes Covet Fashion a lot of fun and practical too. It’s a good way to see what’s available and virtual shopping can be addictive. However, that’s not all there is to the game since you can also change your model’s ensembles, skin color and hair. In short nearly everything here can be customized, and a lot of the fun comes in matching the hair with the makeup and the clothes.

Covet Fashion also lets you buy tickets and create looks that can win you more virtual events and more. You also get the chance to look at other players’ styles, a nice way to uncover other items and see what you’re missing. There are a lot more features in Covet Fashion, making this a real nice addition to your mobile.

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