3d platformer

Of Light & Shadow

In the indie gaming world, it's quite rare to find a commercial-level game being offered for free. Of Light & Shadow is one great example of this. Created by a group of Austrian students, the gang proves time and again that sometimes all you need is creativity and dedication to create a game that's on par with some of the more successful commercial releases out there. This little 3D puzzle game involves two characters, Dr. Shadow and Mr. Light . As the name suggests, one can only move in light while the other in darkness.

Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a short game that features a tale of espionage, fun and gorgeous graphics and gameplay that clocks in at, more or less, 20 minutes. However, despite this short game time, the game provides great depth in characters and actually works great in sucking you into its own world. Follow and complete all the mission objectives as a secret agent and complete all stages of the game, yes, all two levels of it.