Gravity Bone is a short game that features a tale of espionage, fun and gorgeous graphics and gameplay that clocks in at, more or less, 20 minutes. However, despite this short game time, the game provides great depth in characters and actually works great in sucking you into its own world.

Follow and complete all the mission objectives as a secret agent and complete all stages of the game, yes, all two levels of it. Gravity Bone features graphics done using the Quake II engine. Although a bit dated, it works great in the game and you won’t even notice it. In the game you play a secret agent trying to accomplish what it is that you do best, investigate and spy without getting caught. Basically, the game features commands thrown at you so you essentially know where you’re heading.

You initially start at a party where you are instructed by the game to head for the furnace room. Of course, you do this at your best secret agent behavior by sneaking past the waiter. In the room, you receive further instructions and you simply follow them to beat the level. The same premise but different objectives follow in level two.

If you Google this title, you’ll pretty much realize that it’s had its share of praises. Essentially, Gravity Bone is a pretty cool game, with its no-BS gameplay and objectives, unique graphics to its abrupt ending; it’s hard not to fall in love with this game. It’s definitely worth 20 minutes of your time.

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