Metameta: Yonderosa

Metameta's latest musical project, Yonderosa, is a splendid wonder of alternative electro music spiced up with a bit of folk flair. Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Evan Miles Anderson is the man behind the great music. With Nick Drake, Boards of Canada, Koanna Newsom, and Kelpe as influences, this 15-track album released last August 21 is a surefire hit Leonine openns up the album with a subtle electro tunes sailing smoothly in a soothing musical arrangement. This short "intro" for the album sets a calming mood for the collection.

H.G. Wells: The War of The Worlds

of The Worlds by Herbert George "H.G." Wells will once again play with your imagination. Written between 1895 to 1897, this sci-fi novel tells the story of an unnamed protagonist while he struggles to return to his wife in a Martian-invaded Earth.


I think Cyberduck is the most user-friendly FTP app out there (too bad it is only for Mac). I was introduced to it a few years ago when I was just barely grasping the concept of FTP and I could connect to different servers & upload files within minutes. Currently the software allows you to browse servers using the following protocols: FTP, FTP/TLS, sFTP, WebDav and browse & upload to Amazon and Mosso's Cloud Storage.