Heart-Sick Groans: Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things

Savor ear-tantalizing melodies with Heart-Sick Groans’ first ever release titled Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things. This free download features four animated tracks that churns cheerful, homespun indie pop. The Sweden-based band is composed of Johan Brännström, Martin Lindström, Henric Wallmark. Gunnar Carlén and Marcus Brännström also helped to make this whimsical offering possible.

U.S. Army Blues: Live At Blues Alley

Chase last year’s blues away with a record that’s sure to transport your senses back to the yesteryears. Live At Blues Alley, a collection of jazz tunes recorded live, definitely fits the bill. It’s brought to us by the long-standing U.S. Army Blues, an Army Dance Band that entertained soldiers and civilians in dance zones during World War II.

Flowers: When You Lie (Cloudberry EP)

Do you like your own serving of indie music to be grungy? If that’s the case, then UK-based band Flowers is the right choice. Labeling their genre as “noisy pop”, Flowers’ debut EP “When You Lie (Cloudberry)” sounds like a louder version of Camera Obscura. Most likely, with much emphasis on the ‘obscura’ part.

Siblings: My Brother

What an apt move for a band of ‘Siblings’ to make an EP about ‘brothers’? Well, excuse the pun, but seriously, the newcomer British quartet makes blood relations sound cool in last year’s My Brother EP. Though only containing three radio-sized tracks, each one is jam-packed with that ambient folk vibe which haunts their influences, such as Bon Iver and The Shins.