Do you like your own serving of indie music to be grungy? If that’s the case, then UK-based band Flowers is the right choice.

Labeling their genre as “noisy pop”, Flowers’ debut EP “When You Lie (Cloudberry)” sounds like a louder version of Camera Obscura. Most likely, with much emphasis on the ‘obscura’ part.

The set starts with the almost-inaudible “When You Lie”, indeed a noisy track wrapped in that “raw” audio texture that’s so delectable nowadays. Quickly making the grade is the upbeat “Watch and Wonder”, whose vocals echo around the four sides of the speakers as a siren lures a man beyond the shore.

Sounds enough?

Flowers band

The future prom anthem “You Held You My Hand” follows suit with its crescendo of clever drum and bass, while the stripped-down “Boat Song” finishes everything as a still-echoing call or wail that will probably end up in an ostentatious cable drama.

Either way, we’ll don up our ears (and horn-rimmed glasses) for this one.

Track listing:

  1. When You Lie
  2. Watch and Wonder
  3. You Held You My Hand
  4. Boat Song

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