Medicine Man is a folk band from Waco, Texas. But this is not your usual folk band; their music has an element of jazz in it. There is also a hint of country music in there too.

The Places We’ve Been, which was released this year, is the first album from the band. It is one of those albums that will have you occasionally stealing a glance at your speaker when you play it for the first time because the songs just keep getting better.

Medicine Man make very good music. The way they blend the banjo, accordion, trumpet, and the guitar is simply delectable. They also have some thought-provoking lyrics. The first words you hear when you start playing the album is “In this world full of hateful people, all we need is a little bit more sanity/ On this Earth full of God’s creation, all we need are eyes to see what we’re meant to be.” In Barcelona, they ask “No one has enough to buy another day/ Is it worth your life to hate your job but love the pay?”

The theme of the album includes life, social justice, righteousness and more. On Medicine Man’s website, the band says the goal of their music is to help awaken the sense of justice in everyone.

“It’s easy to joke about or ignore the issues that face us all because you feel unaffected. But as a human being, you were born with the duty to have a sense of justice,” Luke Hoeft, one of the members of Medicine Man, explained.

Check out Medicine Man’s The Places We’ve Been and let us know what you think.

Track List
1. Awake 03:03
2. Letting Go 05:04
3. Barcelona 03:45
4. Coming Home 04:14
5. Ravello 04:00
6. Silent River 02:40
7. The Places We’ve Been 04:27

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