Savor ear-tantalizing melodies with Heart-Sick Groans’ first ever release titled Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things.

This free download features four animated tracks that churns cheerful, homespun indie pop. The Sweden-based band is composed of Johan Brännström, Martin Lindström, Henric Wallmark. Gunnar Carlén and Marcus Brännström also helped to make this whimsical offering possible.

Seconds within their first track, The Season for Us, and you’ll immediately fall in love with the band’s quirky play on strings, drums, and rhythmic vocals.

The signature light-filled sound continues with I Suppose I’ve Shocked You. Listen as the folk/acoustic arrangement flutters wonderfully with choreographed vocals. This pocketful of sunshine will surely uplift your spirit.


Paired with a cup of americano and a comfy sweater, A Bell of Bronze is an ideal mood-setter for your lazy Sunday morning. The intricateness of the piece falls on its ability to transcend from a charming acoustic arrangement to a rockier sound, without losing the easy-listening experience.

In Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things, Heart-Sick Groans fluidly eases its way into the indie pop landscape with much delight and wonder.

Track List:
1. The Season for Us
2. I Suppose I’ve Shocked You
3. A Bell of Bronze
4. I Pray Sir, Can You Read?

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