CAUTION: Loads of silly awesomeness ahead!

We don’t normally do this, but Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a ‘children’s’ band so irresistible that we just can’t pass up the opportunity to share them.

Made up of three-parts Hi5 and one-part Devo, this dance duo, composed of Bryan and Neil, are the infectious and effervescent reliefs we need for our jaded existences.

On their 2011 EP, The Golden Staircase Of Destiny, the boys let loose on five trippy tunes about random kid things: chores, friendship, and rainbows, above everything (more serious) else.

The crazy “Awesome Rainbows” starts the mayhem, translating the childlike wonder of seeing a rainbow into a Redbull-filled track which makes you wonder if the guys are on a sugar high or on a “different level” of high.

You’re sure to expect more of the same in succeeding tracks such as “Friendship Bracelets“, a measurement of friendship based on colored bracelets, and “Push All The Buttons“, a naughty and goofy attempt at first-grade rebellion around offices.

Even as an adult, you need a bit of a laugh. Download these now!

Track listing:
1. Awesome Rainbows
2. Friendship Bracelets
3. Hopscotch
4. Push All The Buttons
5. Don’t Wanna Do My Chores

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