Blues Rock

Action News Team: God Damn These Electric Sex Pants

Action News Team sounds like a band that's lifted pages of influence from The Doors handbook. With their brand of lofi, bluesy rock and roll, it's hard not to wish you were in a pub with beer on hand while rocking along to these guys. These Edmonton natives describe their sound on their Facebook profile as "psychedelic weirdness" and indeed, you'll find a host of unusual sounds floating in between the songs. From samples, to grizzly guitars, to blues style singing; the songs resonate with that old-school rock vibe that makes it enjoyable from the getgo.

The Diamond Light: Krotona

In a scene dominated by the cheery and contrived, the gritty and bare-bones rarely stand a chance. Sure, The White Stripes and The Strokes made it, but their presence is hugely rendered anomalous by the prevailing forces. That's why it's a delight – and a respite – to stumble upon something as authentic as The Diamond Light. In 2009 this Los Angeles-based “soul-rock-blues” band, as the members categorize it, released Krotona, an eight-track EP that is a testament to how good and satisfying music gets when you keep it raw and real.