Bob Marley

Dustin Thomas: Kingdom Calling

Known for the its powerful messages conveyed through their songs, their haunting melodies, and soulful depth, Dustin Thomas is a melody-driven folk rock group to watch out for. Hailing from Hawaii and currently based in Minneapolis, the band was formed in the fall of 2008. Since then, they have already performed in over 30 different venues across the country, opening for such notable acts as Mark Mallman, Truth Himself, and Root City.

Thabo & The Real Deal: EP

Acoustic group Thabo & The Real Deal serves up some fresh R&B and soul melodies in their self-entitled EP. Released on August 2011, the album features four tracks that were recorded at All Things Analogue Studios.

Adam Stern: Music Mondays

Adam Stern packages his goods in a tight, fresh set. Released last February 2011, Music Mondays offers nine pop-infused tracks that'll surely melt your ears with delight. Commonly referred as "The Dreamer Child", Adam is a popular Los Angeles based singer/songwriter that muses on love, heartbreak, war, peace and coexistence. Stern's music was greatly influenced by his childhood in Berkeley, CA , while devouring to the albums of The Beatles, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Since 2009, he had independently released 40 tracks including two full-length albums.