AstraLogik, a neo-soul band from Bay Area, CA, elicits some cosmic vibes in their new EP entitled Dream Awake.

Featuring seven impeccable pieces, Dream Awake takes listeners to an invigorating journey of eclectic tunes that lets the heart remember while keeping the mind engaged.

AstraLogik’s sound takes traces from influential movers in the industry such as Eryka Badu, Bob Marley, Janelle Monae and Sade. As a result, their music represents a confluence of heart, taste, and originality.

Cosmic Beach Dreams opens the album in slow, mellow tunes that caresses the ears in a lush serenade. Listen as crisp vocals blend well with dreamy instrumentation.

Showed Up follows in a darker, more ambient vibe with guitar riffs supporting a jazz-tinged melody. Meanwhile, title track Dream Awake turns the energy up with a hip blend of electro-dance influences and neo-soul melodies.

In Dream Awake, AstraLogik showed braveness in exploring foreign territories and combining out-of-the-box flavors to create tracks that are fresh to the ears.

So download, press play and sail away into a dreamy universe created by AstraLogik.

Track List:
1. Cosmic Beach Dreams
2. Showed Up
3. Here & Now
4. Dream Awake
5. Love Yourself
6. Here & Now (Anoctave Remix)
7. Dream Awake (Astralogik 80’s Remix)

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