Known for his powerful messages conveyed through his songs, haunting melodies, and soulful depth, Dustin Thomas is a melody-driven folk hip-hop singer-songwriter to watch out for.

Hailing from Hawaii and currently based in Minneapolis, the artist first came to the scene in the fall of 2008. Since then, they have already performed in over 30 different venues across the country, opening for such notable acts as Mark Mallman, Truth Himself, and Root City.

Freshly released last June, Kingdom Calling features ten tracks of acoustic easy-listening pieces.

While drawing influences from Bob Marley, Jackson Browne, and Sam Cooke, their front man Dustin Thomas adds a modern twist to these great icons, creating a flavor that is unmistakably his own. By producing diverse sound, nothing is left unfounded.

A Portland, Oregon Spiritual opens the set with a moment of passion. Title track Kingdom Calling will surely give you goose bumps. Sung in acapella, Dustin’s amazing voice quality shines through.

A Multnomah Falls Reverie closes the collection with a catchy folk melody while sustaining the carefully crafted vocals of Dustin. Press play and let your ears be enthralled to this polished piece.

In this EP, a new spirit contemplating human relationships both spiritual and intimate is shown. If you want to hear stories of love, loss, and war while having the sound of heaven, then this album is the right jam for you.

Track List:
1. A Portland, Oregon Spiritual
2. What The Frack?
3. Beatbox Hymnal
4. Dream Divine
5. Cry Fukushima
6. Waves in Jasri
7. Kingdom Calling
8. Jah Kingdom Come
9. Go Fire, Go Light
10. A Multnomah Falls Reverie

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