Acoustic group Thabo & The Real Deal serves up some fresh R&B and soul melodies in their self-entitled EP. Released on August 2011, the album features four tracks that were recorded at All Things Analogue Studios.

The songs in this EP fathoms deeper as each is sung and played with magnificent voice. Tuneful and dynamic compositions make this collection worth listening to.

People of Today is a track that talks about the different issues that burdens that people are currently facing, and how they should live their lives at their best instead of moping about it. The vibe of infectious R&B is evident in the song.

If there’s anything that Bob Marley will listen to if he were still out there, then it will be this track called Revolution. This song was created to commend this glorious artist that was and still is idolized by many musicians. Revolution with the use of music is one of the best ways to create influence, thus this song says it all.


A great sense of humor, creativity, and romanticism is applied to Special Song. The lines of this song are from an imagined conversation of Superman and Lois Lane. Press play and absorb this intriguing piece.

Push repeat after the last song for this slef-titled EP is worth every time you will spend listening to it.

Track List:
1. People of Today
2. Revolution
3. Special Song
4. Hey Mama

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