Cartel – The Lost Tracks

Presenting talented MC slash Producer...yep, here's one you missed. Seems like every MC out there has held this title, but few who make the jump from producer to MC actually have what it takes. But trust me, you'll be glad that Cartel's Lost Tracks didn't remain lost for good. One half of the duo making up Homegrown Records, this isn't Cartel's first foray into releasing an album. Prepare for Glory was his first release followed by this true underground hip hop gem, The Lost Tracks. Cartel certainly proves naysayers wrong, being a producer/MC is possible especially if you have talent like this guy.

Cartel: Tha Throwback

An underground New York hip-hop producer, Cartel, brings his music genre back to its roots in his newest release ‘Tha Throwback’. He describes the music he produces as “grown man hip hop” for the real-life adults, who are working to support their families and “want more from their music than just (listening about)(…) sleeping with women, selling drugs, and shaking their booties.”