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The Runnies: You Can’t Win

Exploding with a raw rock sound that echoes a lofi version of Juliette Lewis and the Licks crossed with the swagger of The Doors; The Runnies have that likable dirty rock sound that makes them difficult to ignore. This Chicago trio knows how to capture an audience. Mixing 60s garage rock with a church revival feel isn't easy but they nail it sweetly thanks to frontwoman Mary McKane's strong vocal presence; some really sweet guitar riffs from partner, Russ Calderwood and drummer Brett Swinney's steady pace.

The Johns’ foresight/poorsight free album now under Creative Commons on FrostWire

The Johns is a Chicago based indie rock band composed of four life-long friends who are determined to keep their music independent of popular trends and opinions of others. "[They] aim to proceed as an undefinable sort of pop music, drawing from a history of playing metal, jazz, funk, blues, folk and art rock and pulling from influences as varied as Neil Young, Mike Patton, Television, tin-pan alley jazz, The Police, Les Paul & Mary Ford and onwards and upwards."