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HAL 9000

Ever wonder what it's like to be facing the infamous antagonist in one of the most celebrated science fiction stories of all time? I'm talking about the sentient on-board computer in, Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey, HAL 9000. Finally, plenty of sci-fi geeks are getting a chance to have their own sentient, "evil" computer right on their very own desktop. For those who are familiar with the film or the books, this one easily helps kickstart the imagination and lets users play pretend on what it must be like to become an astronaut on your way to the biggest planet in the Solar System. Having that red eye camera lens from your screen definitely brings its own category of cool. Give it a download.

Free 3D Japan Screensaver

If you love Japanese scenery, then you'll enjoy this Free 3D Japanese Screensaver. The next best thing about experiencing the beauty and Zen like mood Japan has to offer is to have images of the place plastered on your computer. This free screensaver features some of the most iconic and relaxing images from Japan. It is rendered in full 3D to give it a realistic feel. Every portion of your computer screen will come to life as it breathes Old World Japan with its stunning red pagodas, or maybe give you that modern, ethereal feel of the country with beautiful cherry blossom trees. Click on the download link or the image to get this free screensaver today.

Twingly – visualize blogging activity worldwide

Are you an avid blogger? Do you take fancy with the idea of seeing all those people blogging at the same time as you are? If you answered, "yes," to both questions, then Twingly is the perfect screensaver for you. The program is still in its beta stages but it works great in providing users with a visual idea of the entire blogosphere. It gives users and bloggers, a chance to see exactly how many people are blogging at the same time all across the world. It is definitely a nifty and fascinating tool to have right in front of your computer screen.