If you love Japanese scenery, then you’ll enjoy this Free 3D Japanese Screensaver. The next best thing about experiencing the beauty and Zen like mood Japan has to offer is to have images of the place plastered on your computer.

This free screensaver features some of the most iconic and relaxing images from Japan. It is rendered in full 3D to give it a realistic feel. Every portion of your computer screen will come to life as it breathes Old World Japan with its stunning red pagodas, or maybe give you that modern, ethereal feel of the country with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Click on the download link or the image to get this free screensaver today.

Just like there are plenty of great places to enjoy in Japan, you get several options as well when it comes to the theme of the screensavers. Some of the themes include Spirit, which is pictured above and Cherry, featuring wonderful Japanese cherry blossoms. There’s also the Garden, Bloom and Harmony.

Some of the cool features you can expect include gorgeous realistic rendering of the various sceneries of Japan. The screensaver is also animated so you can get a feel of the various places. To add to the mood, it also comes with beautiful sound effects that will provide you with an even better sense of the Japanese landscape.

Why not imbue your day with the beautiful and relaxing scenery of Japan by downloading and installing these beautiful free screensavers.

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