Are you an avid blogger? Do you take fancy with the idea of seeing all those people blogging at the same time as you are? If you answered, “yes,” to both questions, then Twingly is the perfect screensaver for you.

The program is still in its beta stages but it works great in providing users with a visual idea of the entire blogosphere. It gives users and bloggers, a chance to see exactly how many people are blogging at the same time all across the world. It is definitely a nifty and fascinating tool to have right in front of your computer screen. Twingly has the capability to let you visualize the blog activity of people all across the world. It can function as a pure program or simply as a screensaver. Of course, you would need to tweak several things in your computer to get the best results. For instance, you might want to enable language support in your pc and make sure that you have an OpenGL graphics card.

Normally, you would see the blogs as dots all across the globe. However, there is an option to view the title so that you can simply click on the title of the blog if you find it interesting and just read it. Just take note that the content for the blog will not be filtered so user discretion is advised.

Overall, the screensaver is a pretty fun and interesting way to get updated on the latest blogs available for your perusal. It makes everything easier and simpler.

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