Mick Jenkins: The Water[s]

Rated as “very hot” on HNHH, Mick Jenkins‘ sophomore album, The Water[s], has been creating waves on the hip hop scene for a few weeks now. The 15-track collection is a follow-up on his debut Trees And Truths, which received a lot of positive reviews from critics and fans.

Bas: Two Weeks Notice

After hitting big with his single Charles De Gaulle to JFK, Bas suprises fans with Two Weeks Notice, a six-track mixtape consisting of freestyles, remixes, and over cuts. The Dreamville Imprint artist enlists some beat-heavy, raw tracks that conquer the stage and lure the ears. The flawless sultriness starts in City of The Empire, where jazz-tinged horns intertwine seamlessly with chunky and well-cut lines.