One of the finalists for Ludum Dare 20; Questling is an interesting puzzle game that will certainly give you a good challenge. The gameplay is similar to that of Psygnosis' iconic game, Lemmings. As mentioned, the game was designed as an entry for the Ludum Dare 20 Game Development competition. The tournament is aimed at urging indie game makers to create and develop a game in roughly 48 hours only. Each tournament has a theme that developers must follow and exhibit in their finished work. The game is available for free download right on the Ludum Dare website. The updated version that incorporates the soundtrack is also there.

Pingus – open source Lemmings-like game

Ever got addicted to Lemmings when you were younger? Now, you can get the same game play only this time, you have Penguins to deal with. Pingus is a very entertaining open source game designed initially as a free Lemmings clone. However, throughout the years, the game has grown and now features over 22 levels, original artwork, new actions and multiplayer options. Basically, just like Lemmings, your main goal is to guide a group of Penguins from point A to point B. To make it challenging, there will be tons of obstacles preventing you from doing so. It's your job to reign the penguins in, so to speak, and make them follow your instructions.

Orblitz – 3D physics-based free puzzle game

Orblitz, a fast-paced and dynamic puzzle game, is the brainchild of The Yakuza: a group of four comprising Josh Bell, Jason Runta, Jesse Kvatek and Marc ten Bosch. Each has a distinct role in the making of the game, from being a technical director to being the marketing manager. What was originally an idea by Marc and Josh to create a game that involves mazes featuring different art textures proceeded to become the 2006 Winner Student Showcase of the Independent Games Festival. Itís not hard to understand why.