Ever got addicted to Lemmings when you were younger? Now, you can get the same game play only this time, you have Penguins to deal with.

Pingus is a very entertaining open source game designed initially as a free Lemmings clone. However, throughout the years, the game has grown and now features over 22 levels, original artwork, new actions and multiplayer options.

Basically, just like Lemmings, your main goal is to guide a group of Penguins from point A to point B. To make it challenging, there will be tons of obstacles preventing you from doing so. It’s your job to reign the penguins in, so to speak, and make them follow your instructions. Despite the fact that Pingus is supposed to be a clone game, the gameplay features a lot of unique tools and items. When you first start the game, you will be greeted by open terrain. The main key to succeeding in each level is simply by planning ahead of time about what to do. Once your penguins start to come out, you have to be ready to provide it with the necessary tools. It would be wise to give the right tools otherwise your penguin might die.

Even though the game is designed in 2D, it works great and provides really adorable characters to play with. You might even feel a little guilty for causing the death of some of these cute little characters. One downside though is the background music, its a bit un-engaging and can definitely be improved.

Pingus is, overall, a very fun game to play. It’s currently an active game so there are still updates being done every now and then.

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