Heart-Sick Groans: Look?!?!?! These Three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again!

Heart-Sick Groans is a lovely, and a rather unique, band from Sundsvall, Sweden. Formed back in 2007, the trio has already been called by numerous blogs as "one of indie-pop's best kept secrets"; and with their fresh, highly addictive guitars, whistles, drums, harmonica, weaved into the wonderfully blissful sounds of summer, it might just be true. The recently released Look!!! These Three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again! (got to love the title), is a long awaited follow up to the band's previous two hit EP's and is currently offered as a free/pay what you wish download. So give it a try!

Tense Kids: Oh, Idaho!

Oh, Idaho! is a sweet and eclectic sounding compilation by three teens from Lexington, KY. Filled with 7 easy to listen and very diverse indie pop/rock, this debut compilation is a great listen. It features a great mix of indie pop vocals, quirky sounding vocals and pretty cool and catchy rhythm. Tense Kids is made up of Alex John and Joe Harbison. They're joined together by Eric Myers, Kyle Randall, Allen Shariaty, Dimitri Lozovoy and Aaron Graham. The group formed in late 2008 and spearheaded by Harbison, who also has several albums under his name. His songs are available for download here.