Heart-Sick Groans is a lovely, and a rather unique, band from Sundsvall, Sweden. Formed back in 2007, the trio has already been called by numerous blogs as “one of indie-pop’s best kept secrets”; and with their fresh, highly addictive guitars, whistles, drums, harmonica, weaved into the wonderfully blissful sounds of summer, it might just be true.

The recently released Look!!! These Three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again! (got to love the title), is a long awaited follow up to the band’s previous two hit EP’s and is currently offered as a free/pay what you wish download. So give it a try!

If you are following our blog and remember Mouth’s Cradle you should already sense certain connection. Not in the music style per se, but in the ease and quirkiness of the lyrics. Heart-Sick Groans’ songs take us on a lovely journey through the land of colorful ear candy wrapped in the equally colorful instrumental work. Their music is filled with light, happy, and feel-good beats perfect for the sun drenched weekends; at least for those couple more weeks of summer we have left.

At times compared to the sound of Belle & Sebastian, the trio formed by Johan Brännström, Martin Lindström, and Henric Wallmark, is definitely a fresh take on indie pop with Look?!?!?! These Three Painters of Hits Have Done It Again! giving you all of the six tracks to prove it. The album, however, is not the only work from the boys, so if you like what you hear and crave for more be sure to check out their previous releases (also available as a free download), Gentlemen, If You Ain’t Right, Get Right! and
Oh, I Can Do a Number of Things
– all available on the official bandcamp page.

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