Fear Report: Pandemic

Judging from the bandís name itself, Fear Report, you could already get a glimpse of what kind of music they have to offer. Fear Report is honest, straightforward, emotional and most of all delivers a 90s rock feel that is rare in todayís scene and genre. Their unique sound comes mainly from their diverse musical influences. From post-hardcore to metal edge to grunge to indie and alternative, this is what Fear Report is. Your ordinary five man rock band but has always something new to bring to the table.

Escarlatina Obsessiva “Pandemic” – free punk-rock album from Brazilian duo

Escarlatina Obsessiva is a rock duo from Brazil, made up of Karolina (who plays the bass and provides the vocals) and Zaf (who plays the guitar, keyboards, and synthesizers). The duo was formed in 2006, and is influenced by European post punk and American punk rock bands from the 1980s. Escarlatina Obsessiva has already released two albums, "Chants of Lethe" and "Blossomy Parks." Their latest album release is entitled "Pandemic," and it has just been released on the French netlabel Zorch Factory. The album features ten brand-new punk and post-punk tracks.