Judging from the band’s name itself, Fear Report, you could already get a glimpse of what kind of music they have to offer. Fear Report is honest, straightforward, emotional and most of all delivers a 90s rock feel that is rare in today’s scene and genre.

Their unique sound comes mainly from their diverse musical influences. From post-hardcore to metal edge to grunge to indie and alternative, this is what Fear Report is. Your ordinary five man rock band but has always something new to bring to the table.

Pandemic is a thirteen track album that tells a different story with each song. It hits home in so many ways that it’s so hard to nail down just one.

Viral takes on the struggles of life that went mayhem and spun out of control. Rear View Mind tells us the important lesson of not being able to move forward if you always look back and let your past affect your future.

The Front Line is a straight up fitting song to show support to the troops risking their lives for their country. Paper Wings and a Handgun is a transcending emotional song that asks you the question “what have you done in your life and is it good enough?”

Thre things that really stood up are the immense rhythm section which is both precise and relentless, the guitar work which offers massive riffage in chord arrangements, lastly the depth of the song arrangement. While the songs are cast in a heavy motif, there’s adequate creativity, melody, hook, and variation to make the songs both intriguing and entertaining.

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