StrangeZero: Nanofly

Are you itching to go on a feel trip? StrangeZero‘s newest album is your ideal companion. Founded in 1998 by Greek friends Stelios and Io-V, their ambient wet dreams have been a composite of trance music’s former glory and today’s sweeping EDM rhythms — all in bite-sized quantities. With their latest release, Nanofly, the duo promises to “travel with machines, dreams, and whispering screams.”
singleton - uncovered

Singleton: Uncovered

Amid the political instability happening at Ukraine’s capital, Kiev might have produced one of the year’s most promising bands: Singleton. The quintet’s formation goes back a decade earlier, where they started building a name in the forefront of Ukraine’s indie scene via their raw sound. This has allowed them to tour across the country, the neighboring Russia and Belarus, and even Germany.

Miles Wider: Strange Lullabies

Feel like basking in a lengthy acoustic collection? Miles Wilder‘s Strange Lullabies are here to rock you off to a musical dreamland. Exaggeration aside, the 18-track affair is an impressive feat for a first album. Surely, “the culmination of a year and a half of work” has paid off, cleverly making the entire live feature sound like polished studio sessions.