Are you itching to go on a feel trip? StrangeZero‘s newest album is your ideal companion.

Founded in 1998 by Greek friends Stelios and Io-V, their ambient wet dreams have been a composite of trance music’s former glory and today’s sweeping EDM rhythms — all in bite-sized quantities. With their latest release, Nanofly, the duo promises to “travel with machines, dreams, and whispering screams.”

The full-length starts with the calculated stylings of the title track, “Nanofly,” which serves as a portal of sorts to a world where one need not ask where the synths are taking him; experiencing it is enough.

“People Going Round” and its arrangement, on the other hand, are screaming to be the next ‘rave’ backdrops — hitting it hard like it’s ’95, yet still decidedly fresh enough for a tweaked, upbeat treatment on your nearest joint.

The staff’s unanimous pick, “She Never Met The Universe” sounds like the revenge of the oft-underrated music bed. Making use of its pop backbone, it’s oomphed enough to evade vocals.

Undeniably, StrangeZero’s 7th release promises to be quite a trip!

Track listing:
1. Nanofly
2. 29 Slices In Time
3. People Going Round
4. Ospheron
5. Endlessly
6. Sleepwalking
7. Etherhead
8. She Never Met The Universe
9. Pluto
10. Heart O2
11. We Sit In The Sun And Wait
12. Set You Free
13. Agony Experience (Path II)

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