A visit to Paris? That needs planning, but a listen? In an instant, please.

One of underground label La Souterraine‘s acts, O (short for Olivier Marguerit), just released a full-length B-sides collection, “Be Sides – Mostla Tape,” which round out some of the most interesting arrangements and production for a French neophyte [at least for me].

Opening track “Mon Echo 2015” starts the fun with a familiar American indie rock flow, and smoothly transitions to the serene “Barcarolle,” the live, 80’s ballad-ish version of “Le Froid,” and unmistakably Francophone “While the flute is watching me.”

The second act, commencing with “Cold Wind avec Halo Maud,” sees O heading into electronic territory, which is logical as the remixes of “Hi Life” and “No Grudges” follow with melodies worthy of a ‘maindie’ mention.

O reverts back to a laid-back, almost somber mood with “Où je vais la nuit,” a haunting duet with Emma Broughton, plus the purely instrumental tracks “LeSuAm Alban” and “Tintin & Mila.”

The best thing ’bout this? No one needs to understand French to appreciate these tunes!

Track list:
1. Mon Echo 2015
2. Barcarolle (Offenbach)
3. Le Froid (live session)
4. While the flute is watching me
5. Cold Wind avec Halo Maud (Arcade Fire)
6. Hi Life remix (Syd Matters)
7. No Grudges remix (Shorebilly)
8. Où je vais la nuit avec Emma Broughton (Katerine)
9. LeSuAm Alban
10. Tintin & Mila
11. Ohm part 1 à l’envers
12. Ohm part 2 à l’envers

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