The Truth

Mark Battles: PreSeason

Up-and-coming artist Mark Battles warms up our ears with funky beats in his latest mixtape, PreSeason. In this 16-track set, Indianapolis-born hiphop star cooks up some funky tunes and let them ease through our ears for a full-blown eargasmic experience.

GDaddie: Ride With Me

Finally rewarding his listeners with a new release; GDaddie is back with his latest record, Ride With Me. Creating a more energetic mix of electronic, blues and funk, this recent compilation is a great follow up to two of GDaddie's album: The Truth (2011) and Gone (2009.) Ride With Me is released under Memory Format label this time and marks their 12th one so far. It's a funky mix of sounds that showcases the artists' psychedelic infused electronic taste. All 13 tracks are special and feature a little bit of the many influences that has shaped GDaddie's career so far.