Finally rewarding his listeners with a new release; GDaddie is back with his latest record, Ride With Me. Creating a more energetic mix of electronic, blues and funk, this recent compilation is a great follow up to two of GDaddie’s album: The Truth (2011) and Gone (2009).

Ride With Me is released under Memory Format label this time and marks their 12th one so far. It’s a funky mix of sounds that showcases the artists’ psychedelic infused electronic taste. All 13 tracks are special and feature a little bit of the many influences that has shaped GDaddie’s career so far. 

The album starts with a cryptic introduction greeting the listeners. It’s a smooth cut that incorporates synths and a nice R&B vibe to it. Officially starting with the arrival of title track, Ride With Me, the song infuses samples and a laid-back tempo to the track showcasing GDaddie’s mastery of atmosphere in his songs.

His capacity to extract influence from various genres is a big plus and definitely shows up in his sound; making them more difficult to classify on their own. Cuts like Keep Us Together, explores the more dance/disco influence of the artist while Here to Rock, combines a darker trip-hop sound with various samples and mix of instruments tossed in for good measure..

This Athens-born artist definitely has something to bring to the table. Ride With Me is a great mix of beats, influences, samples and instruments that collide and mesh together beautifully. In an interview with, he said that  “psychedelia is definitely a common denominator, because there are hip-hop , disco and even grime tracks, filtered through a “dreamy” prism.  My purpose was to make a sonic “trip” and this is how the title of the album ties in.”

Indeed this hodge-podge has resulted in a record that’s worthy of space in your hard drive. Go ahead, grab the download and enjoy.

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