the ugly army

Fresh Body Shop: Director’s Cut

French alternative acoustic indie rockers are at it again for the eighth time! Director's Cut from Fresh Body Shop is their eighth release since they first started. Although information for the band is relatively scarce, their music simply speaks for itself. Most of their albums have heralded positive reviews from listeners and critics. Thanks to the bands fresh take on alternative acoustic rock, their tracks are not tough to love. Their album The Ugly Army garnered praises for its electronic, industrial rock sound. On the other hand, prior to this, the band released Draw the Circle which also received rave reviews. With Director's Cut, it's won't be long until praises for the album pour in.

Fresh Body Shop: The Ugly Army

The Ugly Army is the fourth album released by Fresh Body Shop just last June. Heavy bass riffs and snappy drum beats dominate the seven tracks of this new album while the vocals are kept husky, even whispery, but not really to the point of being annoyingly distracting. Guitar and piano leads are kept to a minimum but they're cleanly and precisely executed. As for lyrics, they aren't fussy or overly angsty---you'll notice that they're not really the objective of this collection. The real goal is to showcase the (both real and synthesized) instrument skills of the artist.