Draw The Circle is the latest album from Fresh Body Shop, the same French artist that gave us the impressive “The Ugly Army.” Fresh Body Shop still rocks and maintains its funky sound that is such a treat even to those who are rather ambivalent about indie rock.

There are five tracks in this album, all of which features commendable lyrics and excellent rhythm. However, while the songs are great and really pleasant to the ears, the mix could use a little more improvement so the instruments would not drown the otherwise great vocals.


The track “Pigface” in particular, suffered a bit and did not sound as good as it would if the mix had been better. It’s a shame because it has the potential to be the kind of song a rock listener would easily appreciate and include in his or her playlist.

Among the five tracks, “Another Day Without Sun” is my favorite. It stands out because the vocals blend well with the instruments, something that does not consistently happen in all the rest of the tracks. It starts off with easy guitar sound and then builds up to a more pop rock beat that easily settles into your skin.

The album makes for a pretty short playlist, but I just let it loop a couple of times because it does sound good and it is a good background for conversations with friends who are just hanging out. Overall, this album would be a good addition to your music collection.

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