Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Dawn of Steeel

Dawn of Steel

Dawn of Steel from publisher Flare Games is a mobile strategy mech-based game, and the basic elements are familiar to gamers: construct a base, raise your army, attack the enemy to get resources and strengthen your base. However, this RTS game does bring some unique features to the table that make it a good game.
clicker heroes

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes from R2 Games belongs in the category of clickers, those casual games you can play with one finger and a few taps here and there. The game has been around for a while and first became popular on Steam, and now it’s now available on mobile. From the looks of it, the transition for this character building clicker game is pretty smooth.

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles from Ubisoft is at its heart a tower defense game, but the way it’s set up and played makes it feel very different. If you like TD games but looking for something new, this could be what you were hoping to find. Think of it as a game that keeps everything you like about tower defense while adding sweet new elements to make the play that much more interesting.


Seabeard is a game from Backflip Studios that has a little bit of everything; action, strategy, adventure, resource gathering. It takes place on a pirate island where you collect resources and go on quests along the way; all while restoring the island’s former glory. While the premise sounds easy, the game has more than a few challenges in store just for you.