Real Time Strategy (RTS)

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles

The Bot Squad: Puzzle Battles from Ubisoft is at its heart a tower defense game, but the way it’s set up and played makes it feel very different. If you like TD games but looking for something new, this could be what you were hoping to find. Think of it as a game that keeps everything you like about tower defense while adding sweet new elements to make the play that much more interesting.


Seabeard is a game from Backflip Studios that has a little bit of everything; action, strategy, adventure, resource gathering. It takes place on a pirate island where you collect resources and go on quests along the way; all while restoring the island’s former glory. While the premise sounds easy, the game has more than a few challenges in store just for you.

Battle Camp

Battle Camp from Penny Pop is a social game with elements of match three puzzle play and RPG. It’s got all the features you’d expect from these games such as transactions, social media interaction, strategy and so on; but it’s way more fun and has more depth in many ways.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is a squad based strategy card game, and publisher Hero Craft has done a good job with the gameplay and the visuals, as it gives the table top game a new look. The game requires an Internet connection, and as a turn based strategy game is pretty good. The basics of this game aren’t difficult to understand. All the members of your team come with a set of cards full of actions and gear that can be used. Your team battles enemies in turn based fashion until you achieve the goal set at the beginning of the map or you die.

Gladiators: Call of Arena

Gladiators: Call of Arena from Zhao Haoyang is an action strategy game that takes you back to the time of the gladiators in ancient Rome. Here you’ll need to pick and train heroes to help you become the most powerful gladiator. For a mobile game it’s quite challenging as you’ll need to fine tune their skills and get more equipment to help then.