Jill Bolte Taylor got a research opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: She had a massive stroke, and watched as her brain functions — motion, speech, self-awareness –- shut down one by one. An astonishing story.

I am a tremendous believer and fan of TED and from time to time I will post videos of some of my favorite talks. Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk is by far one of the most memorable ones. After you hear it you will be amazed at the power of human brain!

About Jill Bolte Taylor
Brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor studied her own stroke as it happened — and has become a powerful voice for brain recovery.

About TED
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. It’s an amazing conference that started out in mid 80s bringing people from those three worlds together under one roof. Every year 50 exceptional thinkers and doers are invited to give a “talk of their life’s” in 18 minutes. Their mission: spreading ideas!

We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we’re building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.

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