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No Way Through is strong and powerful visualization of a “shocking reality of Palestinian life in the West Bank uncomfortably close to home”. The very simple storyline highlights how one of the basic human rights is being continuously broken in the region.

The short, written and directed by Alexandra Monro & Sheila Menon was a 2009 Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition Winner and created quite a bit of conversation both online and off.

So now – “Imagine if London was controlled by the military and you had to go through specific checkpoints to go to school, go to work, visit your friends or go to the hospital.”

Here are other winners and contenders of the 2009 Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition – all socially important and well crafted.

War School

Writer and Director: Ben Newman
Mentor: Aoife McArdle
Music: Shy Child and Chipmunk

Man Made

Writer and Director: Fern Berresford
Mentor: Kinga Burza
Music: The Young Knives

HIV – The Musical

Written and Directed by: Joe Patrick and Tim Woodall
Mentor: Paul Andrew Williams
Music: Metronomy

1000 Voices

Writer and Director: Tim Travers Hawkins
Mentor: Chris Harding (Shynola)
Music: Jesca Hoop
Voice of Bureaucrat: Adam Buxton

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