It’s amazing what you can do with $300, cool web and computer programs, and love for giant robots. Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!) is one potential result if you had all of the above, plus lots of talent.  This short film is absolutely awesome, to say the least. Visually, it is arresting. Making even Optimus Prime a bit jealous for not getting this treatment.

For a super short film, it packs in a lot of action; blown up buildings, people running around screaming, rockets launching, oh, and did I mention giant robots?Directed by Federico Alvarez, this breathtaking short film has all the makings of a big budget Hollywood movie. Talks are already swirling around that Mr. Alvarez was tapped by none other than top American producer and director, Sam Raimi, to transform this short into a full feature film or at least develop an entirely different film with Alvarez at the helm.

After seeing this short, it’s not hard to understand why this one has been generating a lot of buzz. From giant robots (which we have all come to love), to buildings being blown up,  to a cool soundtrack and great special effects; it has it all. And for once, it’s good to see that it’s not an American city that’s being blown up. Instead, the chaos happens in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

Clocking in under 5 minutes, there’s not much to expect in terms of storyline. Even the director just adds the caption “Giant robots invades Montevideo!” under this video in YouTube. Pretty much, that’s about it. People have complained about that, but if you’re like everybody else, well, you don’t really care.

Maybe when a film gets developed based on this short, we’ll be able to understand why these robots suddenly went berserk and wrecked havoc on this city. However, for now, we can just sit back, relax and enjoy these cool and awesome robots run amok.


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