Short Film

Lili Marleen

Have a break and devour in the heartwarming short film, Lili Marleen. Based on a true story and inspired by Jack Leroy Tueller, the film is about a young American soldier who in the middle of a war, uses the power of music to reconnect with his humanity even if it puts his life at risk.


Insecurity is an indie film revolving around the lives and mindset of hackers; it talks about everything surrounding computers or rather everything that is directly related to hacking. A little fun fact for the readers, this film was made entirely by people who in one way or the other are connected to the IT industry. The movie is directed, edited, produced and written by Rohan Harris, who does quite a decent job with its cinematography; keeping in mind that "Insecurity" is a zero-budget film with limited resources.

E-lectricity by Miklas Manneke

E-lectricity directed by Miklas Manneke is a quirky short film taking place in a Monahanong, a small township on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is there where a shortage of paraffin is threatening the town with a complete darkness; if no one will come up with a great new invention that will brighten up any night, that is. The film is filled with bright colors that take over the village, more than just lovely narration, and great camera work.

Momentos by Nuno Rocha

Directed by Nuno Rocha, Momentos, is a stunning short film with an aim; to remind you that life is good, that family and friends will "find" you even in the toughest of times. The short has already won a handful of awards; starting from Cinematic Achievement Award at the International Short Film Festival in Greece, to Audience Award at a Film Festival in France. With wonderfully acted scenes, characterization, perfect camera work, and a powerful message, Momentos will surely take you on one unforgettable ride.

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941)

Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941) can be termed as an all time classical era of the superhero. Like always, Superman in this particular series is also out there to protect Metropolis from the many arch-rivals always trying to destroy the peace of the world. The opening scene is the typical Superman signature style, with people shouting "Up in the sky" ,"Look, its a bird", "Its a plane", "Its Superman" accompanying this opening scene is drum-rolls and trumpets taking you to the old school of cartoon making techniques. What would really catch the viewers attention would be the way Superman is shown in the cartoon. Quite hilarious, at-least that is the case with people of 2011.

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) [2009]

It's amazing what you can do with $300, cool web and computer programs, and love for giant robots. Ataque de Panico! (Panic Attack!) is one potential result if you had all of the above, plus lots of talent. This short film is absolutely awesome, to say the least. Visually, it is arresting. Making even Optimus Prime a bit jealous for not getting this treatment. For a super short film, it packs in a lot of action; blown up buildings, people running around screaming, rockets launching, oh, and did I mention giant robots?

Moonboy – An Animated Short Film

Moonboy is a short film by Adam Calfee. It is about a young boy who has gotten all fed up with what the television has to offer. “There has got to be more to life than this,” he seems to be thinking, while channel surfing and catching one lame TV commercial after another. What does he do? He aims for the moon! The creative design of Moonboy is simply awe-inspiring. The film boasts of amazing colors to contrast the deceptively simple illustrations. It also makes good use of subtle elements like shadows and natural facial expressions that make each frame very creative and playful in spite of the darkness in the young boy’s thoughts. I particularly like how the moon looks so magnificent and real, although the stars could use a little more playfulness. For instance, the night sky could have looked even more astounding with the hint of a nebula. But overall, the short film is already a visual feast as it is.

Mormor (Grandma) – short film about a surprising vacation at grandma’s

Mormor means “grandmother” in Norwegian. This short film is about a renewed bond that was formed between a granddaughter (Pia) and her mormor one fine summer. Pia’s parents are too busy with their lives to take care of her when the school’s on a break, so Pia takes a spontaneous vacation to her mormor’s home. Mormor is a widower, and so the young girl is such a delightful presence in her home. They have so much fun and so many adventures together. However, their adventures are cut short by those who do not get their idea of fun. Mormor is subsequently sent to the frightening “retirement” home, so Pia has to break in and enter the “prison” to save her mormor.