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Need a software that easily watermarks your pictures for you? Or maybe need something that can convert several photos into a different size and format at once? Then look no further than this Kiko Image Converter.

It does all three things at once without really making life too complicated for you. The program is lightweight and won’t burden your drive with unnecessary space. It is quite easy to use and works with a variety of file formats. If you’re looking for a software that can help you resize photos, add watermarks or convert file formats, the Kiko Image Converter is your one stop program.

You can expect several features from this nifty software. For one, it can do everything in batches without any problems. Simply click Add and pick out the photos you want to use. There are three easy tabs on the interface that lets you choose the specs that you want. For watermarking for instance, you get an option to add a text watermark or maybe an image watermark, depending on your needs. You can also choose the position of the image or text watermark that you want to add.

Maneuvering around the interface is effortless. The interface lets you see thumbnails of the pictures you want to convert or resize, so you won’t have trouble identifying them. When it comes to resizing photos, it lets you choose between popular image sizes and also lets you to specify a particular size. This helps you easily cut back on storage space for your drive by reducing photos to their proper sizes.

Essentially, Kiko Image Converter doesn’t bring anything special to the table. However, it serves as a great program for anybody looking for a fast and easy way to resize, watermark or convert an image. This will still go recommended for various users out there.

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