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We all grew up with The Wizard of Oz. Some had the story read to them before going to sleep and some could not stay away from the television set while watching Dorothy and her magical red shoes. As much as we know about our little heroine, do we know just how the other characters in this timeless classic came to be?
Whitestone Motion Pictures decided to do just that, and with their beautifully executed twenty minute film take us to the beginning on a journey through the life of Tin Woodsman.

Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man is a tale of love between a simple woodsman and a beautiful maiden, a daughter of a wealthy merchant. Not having many possessions of his own or an estate, the woodsman sets on to build a large cabin worthy of his love. Yet the quest of constructing the perfect home turned out to be far from perfect.
Heartless is a short with which Whitestone Motion Pictures decided to retell “this little known story of the tragic arc of a beloved character who was once human, made of flesh and blood that turned into tin.”

The short film comes filled with professional camerawork, lovely costumes, and beautiful scenes; it is a pleasure to watch just like all of Whitestone’s previous work. So be sure to press play and give it a go.
In love with the soundtrack? If you are, make sure to visit the official website where you can grab your free download, including the sheet music for the single that already have melted many of the brave hearts.

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