The Colorful Quiet is a one-man band manned by Stephen K. Webster. He handles both the guitars and vocals, performing beautiful strip down tracks that are both impressive and endearing.
My World With You – EP might be a short 5-track compilation but it’s enough to convince any acoustic folk pop lover that this one is worth keeping. The artist has released several compilations under his name since 2001. In fact, this short EP is the first one he ever came out with. Most of the short compilations are offered for free but the full albums are often¬†available for a small (but definitely worth it) price.

The entire album is best described as low-key/stripped down indie. Every single one of the songs are played on acoustic guitars and features the singer’s soothing vocals.

Starting with Hold You, listeners are greeted with some heartfelt acoustic playing. Like much of his songs, this one is a simple piece. No bells and whistles, no fancy autotune, rolling drums or weird signatures; it’s just one of those songs you can pop into your player when you’re feeling moody and want something to keep you company for the quiet afternoon.

The last two songs, My World With You and Only One for Me, are my personal favorites in the record. The former is a reflective acoustic love song that you can imagine some heartbroken or hopelessly in love teen would be singing to. Meanwhile the latter features a more upbeat sound. I love the breathy vocals combined with the indie acoustic guitar strumming.

Overall, the EP gives you a good idea of what The Colorful Quiet is all about. If you enjoy acoustic indie, this album will settle right into your collection. There’s nothing groundbreaking here but it’s this simplicity that makes this album such a sweet treat. Take a listen.

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