Guerre is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Lavurn Lee. He’s originally from Toronto but currently based in Australia.

Even though he started out creating music with a hushed folk sound, Guerre’s sound has evolved into a sophisticated mix of ambient electronic pop with a touch of soul.

This debut EP from the artist strings together a lush set of tracks that tackle love, sex, guilt and exudes a somewhat silent remorse. It’s moody, eclectic pop in a really good way.

This 7-track EP grooves and flutters with ghostly beats that make for perfect company during quiet evenings. It’s filled with electro ambient love ballads that are surrounded with the artists’ mellow singing and smooth beats.

Darker My Love opens with Care 4 Me. A track that more or less deals with introspection, as the singer cries out “The devil sleeps by my side … / If I had known what I had done, would you be waiting here for the soul?” It’s followed by a more upbeat, club ready single titled, See The Birds. The cut still exudes those sensual and seductive tones that Guerre seems to have mastered over the years. Other cuts worth nothing include the reverb heavy, Millenium Blues as well as the gorgeous sonic landscape, Equilibrium Hymnal.

Overall, the album is one well crafted piece that is both honest and whimsical. You’ll find a natural flow in the tracks that allow it to latch onto your senses. Definitely sweet and at the same time crafty, this is a great piece of album to check out.

Darker My Love is available at a buy it now option over at BandCamp and released under Yes Please Records.

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