Monarchs is a surprising band that people who enjoy hip hop, alternative and soul should take note of. The group is led by the sultry and sexy Southern belle, Celeste Griffin.

Currently based in Austin, Texas; the singer has several backing musicians that help complete her crew. Together, they come together to create a powerful and soulful sound complete with catchy beats and samples.

Ft. CelesteĀ – A Monarchs Mixtape is their latest record. They’ve released previous ones too, particularly The Rise and Fall; Those Words, Those Frames and The Oak EP. All of which are up for purchase over at BandCamp.

Taking inspiration from musicians as diverse as Amy Winehouse, Conor Oberst, The Beatles, Lauryn Hill and Gillian Welch; the group’s sound bob between various genres. One minute listeners are treated to a smooth hip hop sound while on the other they get an upbeat soul pop track. In spite of the genre bending, the songs flow beautifully and come with a touch of swagger.

One of my personal picks include opening cut, Loose in the Knees which seems perfect for laid-back block parties or simply hanging out with your girlfriends. There’s also Gets That Thing, which contains a playful beat reminiscent of a child’s ditty.

Most of the tracks are a bit short, clocking in at less than 2 minutes save for one track. Although the album features nice pacing, the short tracks feel like they were intentionally cut off or simply left unfinished. Nevertheless, the album is still refreshing. It’s short, sweet and straight to the point; allowing listeners to simply take in all the good things without much thought. Listen and enjoy.

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