Bartois or Bart Knol has developed a deep love for his craft thanks to his encounters with revered contemporary composer of the 20th century, Philip Glass, as well as French composer and pianist, Eric Satie.

Bartois’ solemn piano pieces remind you of a quiet soliloquy that people do when by themselves. These straightforward classical pieces fit in perfectly into the works of the masters. Although not as complex and engaging, they are enough to conjure some deep pensive thoughts. Music that perfectly fits “quiet evenings and peaceful mornings.”

Although it’s surprising that he doesn’t cite Beethoven as a key influence, most of his songs remind me of the great composer’s Moonlight Sonata. Bartois evokes the same quiet mood and melancholic disposition to the listener as the great master did.

Packing a twisted mix along the way under the guise of simple and melodic piano playing, the artist has definitely succeeded in creating an album that a listener can “trust.” It wraps like a warm, cozy and safe blanket during cold, winter evenings. Solo Piano is composed of 13 tracks that each have their own unique and expressive signature.

Personally, I always adore classical with a touch of loudness and I hold my praises for composers that create tunes which lull me to sleep. This one lulls me to sleep in a good way. Bartois is certainly a musician that knows how to reach his audience. It’s not for those who dislike non-engaging classical music, but instead ideal for those who want to drift into another world where every sound is muted and toned down.

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