Traditional sculpting is a difficult and messy business, but 123D Sculpt by Autodesk simplifies things a lot. Designed specifically for the iPad, it comes with a tutorial that will get you up to speed. You can create human heads, dinosaurs, birds and other complex shapes.

There are tools for smoothening, pulling and pushing a model. Use your fingers to twist, pinch or swipe. These sculpting tools can be selected directly. You can sculpt the mesh or the model. Some creases appear on the reverse side. However, this really isn’t a problem because there is a symmetry mode.

There are eight tools for sculpting objects. You can sculpt freely or use the sliders to enter more precise measurements. Sculpting is intuitive; use two fingers to scale; to rotate, drag anywhere outside your model. The symmetry / mirror is a time saving tool. You only have to sculpt one half of a model and use the tool to mirror it.

123D Sculpt has texture imprinting that allows you to load an image or paint with color. Position the model below the image. Start painting the mesh. You can upload a completed model on Autodesk’s website gallery. You can also save and render images locally.

Even if you have no experience sculpting, 123D Sculpt should be easy to learn. Most free clay modeling apps will have you pushing and pulling a sphere into shape. Sculpt on the other hand, comes with several preset models; planes, cars, human heads, animals and more. Instead of starting from scratch, you can select one of the presets and modify them to suit your needs.

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