A screen capture usually does just one thing: capture part of (or the entire) screen. Awesome Screenshot is a free utility that takes it to another level. Aside from capturing screenshots, you will be able to share and annotate them.

Awesome Screenshot isnít that big, so downloading doesnít take a lot of time. Learning how to use it is a no-brainer. If you want to share a webpage, just go to that page. Click the extension button and thatís it. The annotate toolbar provides several options for annotating pages. Options include adding lines, circles, boxes or drawing freehand. A useful feature allows you to blur information. Use this tool if you want to hide specific elements.

The image can be saved locally after you are done editing. The URL can be shared with friends or coworkers. This is a nifty tool that helps with collaborative works. Everything is done inside your browser, so thereís no need to launch other applications.

Awesome Screenshot can capture any visible area/region. You have the option of saving an entire image. Captured areas can be cropped, with specific dimensions indicated. It takes just one click to upload a captured area. Links can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Awesome Screenshot is designed for a simple task, but it does the job well. It has more functionality than similar utilities. It doesnít take up a lot of resources and runs unobtrusively. As stated, its numerous functions work great in projects that require collaboration. But even casual web users will find applications for it.

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