RunKeeper is a personal trainer mobile app. Created by FitnessKeeper Inc, it also functions as a tracker for running, cycling, and biking. You can also use it for hiking and ski runs via your deviceís GPS. The app is suitable for those taking morning jogs as well as serious runners. Itís a nice free app for checking your lap times too.

RunKeeper tracks your total miles run and monitors your pace. Using the app youíll be able to progress easily. The fitness app has plenty of features for beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts. New runners will appreciate the coaching feature. When turned on, it will tell you how far you have run, your present time and your current pace. If you want to run with no interruptions, just turn it off.

One of the coolest features of RunKeeper is you can play and manage music. Your music collection can be shuffled. You can create playlists from within the app. This is great for runners who donít like switching apps just to listen to music.


In spite of its name, the app isnít just for runners. Cyclists, skiers, swimmers and hikers can use it to track their progress. To use, select the right activity from the screen. RunKeeper will now track your progress. The app uses GPS by default. If youíre on the treadmill or thereís no GPS signal, change the input type to manual.

No matter what activity you are doing, RunKeeper will monitor your time, calories burned and distance. You will be informed of personal milestones and personal bests. Activities can be converted into routes. Your history is tracked so you can assess them later.

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