Sea Oleena‘s self-titled project embraces our lost memories, transforming them into a teeming garden of music made for dreaming. Released on July 8, 2010, the Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist offers us seven tracks of hushed folk music.

Swimming Story opens the set with spacey howling sounds paired with consistent acoustic strumming. Charlotte Oleena’s hazy voice floats like thin vapor slightly touching each sound. Following with a more prominent folk charm, Asleep at the Wheel is an intimate little piece that slowly starts with spectral sounds building into a rhythmic acoustic beat.

Cold White Sheets/Empty Bed celebrates the concept of space in between. Here, Oleena treats us with a eclectically upbeat chorus that’s thick yet still fragile like any of her sound. Little Army, on the other hand, is a simple acoustic piece that highlights the artist’s vocal prowess.

Closing up with pure shoegaze, Lull is an ambient piece that seems to shift between reality and dreaming. Though a bit short, this delicate track wraps up the album in subtle elegance.

In this self-titled album, Sea Oleena brands herself as someone who is not afraid to linger on unknown territories. This passion and bravery created a one-of-a-kind sound that blurs the lines of consciousness and sleep.

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