Swept Up EP by The American Symphony of Soul is just a sampling of the power that this group holds. A collaborative of strong horns, a tight rhythm section and a soulful singer; the American Symphony of Soul is a dream team. And this team flexes its collective muscles in this EP.

Starting off with a fast paced jazz fusion track, Galapagos showcases punching horn lines complementing vocals that seem effortless. The rhythm section keeps a fluid, underlying drive that will have you moving whether you realize it or not.


The title track Swept Up is a perfect representation of the concept of this EP. A slower, funkier groove engulfs the listener, then the vocalist opens up with a story and lesson from her mother. She relays to the listeners how easy it is to get swept up in trying to please others and comparing ourselves to other people. She then invites us to get swept up with her in the middle of smooth melodies and chords that give a sense of comfort in a world where we can often feel so uncomfortable.

The EP ends with It Must Be Nice, which takes a powerful message about inequality and delivers it with an empowering r&b/soul feel. We can feel the singer’s passion as she firmly delivers cutting lines about a life she wishes everyone could live. As The rest of the arrangement pans out between the horns and rhythm section we can see why they call themselves The American Symphony of Soul.

Again, Swept Up EP is just a glimpse at what this symphony is capable of. Check out this free EP and the full album on their website.

Track List
1. Galapagos
2. Swept Up
3. It Must Be Nice

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